Age Anaesthesia Association
27th Annual Scientific Meeting
Manchester, 14th-15th May 2015

Abstracts results

Below is the categorised list of abstracts selected for presentation. Authors have been emailed individually. Please note that conference registration is mandatory for the presenters. Only trainees are considered for prize awards.

List of Oral presentations
(Instructions: Each presentation will be allowed maximum 8 minutes, with aditional 2 minutes for Q&As)

Author(s) Abstract Title
AA Ariff, R Lowndes, et al Incidence of delirium and delirium screening on the Step Down Unit (SDU)
L Nolan, JCH Chan, et al Prevalence of pre-existing cognitive impairment in older patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery
J Borg Factors associated with increased morbidity and mortality in patients with hip fragility fractures
A Brown, B O'Carroll Kuhn Quality improvement in provision of peri-operative care for emergency laparotomy at a District General Hospital
J Ting, J Yang, et al Delirium in the recovery room – a bad prognostic sign? A pilot study
K Dhaliwal Peri-operative Delirium: A quality improvement project

List of Poster presentations
(Instructions: Posters should be maximum A1 size and portrait orientation)

Author(s) Abstract Title
J Cumberworth Is depth of general anaesthesia, as quantified by bispectral index monitoring, related to postoperative cognitive dysfunction in elderly patients?
H Cox Have patients admitted with a fractured neck of femur benefitted from the introduction of a Physician’ Assistant in Anaesthesia to the weekend trauma list at Heartlands Hospital?
C Honstvet Improving 30 day, 12 month and 24 month all cause mortality following emergency laparotomy at a district general hospital
C Parikh Curtailed preoperative fasting and carbohydrate loading in elderly patients on the trauma list.
S Henry, E MacDonald, et al Improving Cognitive Screening in Older Colorectal Patients in the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
S Hudson, L Sabir, et al Audit of recovery-room haemoglobin measurement in proximal femoral fractures.
J Hardwick Home Truths
J Borg Hip Fracture Management Guidelines – Where does Malta stand?
M Mehta, R Griffiths BBC SLIP- Protocol based anaesthetic management for hip fracture fixation: Could it avoid intraoperative hypotension?
JC Taylor AAGBI Guidelines on Peri-operative Management of Hip Fractures – How a National Audit has Influenced Patient Care in a DGH
P Braude, G Babic-Illman, et al The Geriatric Surgical Checklist - quality improvement project to standardise a comprehensive geriatric assessment service for older urological surgical patients
H Ellicott Audit of Cell Saver data for revision hip surgery at the Princess Royal Hospital Sussex.

2014 winners:

Margaret Dodson (Oral presentation) prize:

  • Post-operative Delirium:Our Experience with the NuDESC Screening tool.
    J Arad, P Ross, A Mctavish (North Manchester General Hospital)
  • Runner up : Neck Of Femur Fractures: To Transfuse Or Not To Transfuse?
    D Kelly, D Dowen, B Gibson (North Tyneside General Hospital)

Poster prizes:

  • Analgesia and the elderly: Improving departmental performance in delivery of fascia iliaca compartment blocks (FICB) for patients with fractured neck of femur.
    A Tabner, R Parish, R Holmes, E Smith (Royal Derby Hospital)
  • An Enhanced Hip Fracture Pathway.
    S Ponnambath, G Crosskey, A Photiou, R Bradley (University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust)